Tuesday, January 09, 2007

News News News!

Yahoo! We received the email we've been waiting for today, letting us know that our first ruling happened yesterday, January 8th. In approximately two weeks, the birthmother's rights should be terminated (please keep your fingers crossed that she signs off on the final paperwork). In four or so weeks (hopefully less!), we should receive our final ruling. Then some other paperwork has to happen on the Taiwan agency's end, and then travel plans can be made. We think we will likely be delayed by Chinese New Year on February 18th (the country basically shuts down for one week), but hopefully we'll be traveling by early March! Great news!


Jessica said...

Wahoo!! We're so excited for all of you! The end of the wait is near... and the beginning of so much is at hand! js

Anonymous said...

Horray!! What a great news!! This is encouraging for those of us who are waiting - our day will come.
Good job on the Chinese character for happy. And Lauren is such a poised little girl - fabulous in pink!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, congrats!