Saturday, June 16, 2007

Peaches, Strawberries & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Coming back from a week of having a super hurt back...I seem to be on the mend now. I was basically worthless in terms of child and house care for the last week and am trying to be more careful now about the way I pick up the kids, etc. We are so lucky to have my mom's help--she spent a lot of time watching both kids while I was down for the count. I signed Aidan up for his first swimming lessons today and also signed Lauren up for WaterBabies. She loves the water and I can't wait to see what she thinks of the pool. Both classes start next week. Looks like we will be spending a lot of time at the pool this summer!

Sorry about the orientation of the photos--I've spent a while trying to fix them and can't seem to figure it out. They show up the right way on my computer but when I put them on Blogger they are turned!

Ling Ling enjoys her first whole peach.

Aidan at the Strawberry festival at our Community-Supported Agriculture farm. We get a box of produce from them every week for 22 weeks! We are picking up our third box tomorrow. It is very fun so far! Anyway, the festival was last weekend and very fun.

Lauren's behind-the-binky smile (my favorite!)

Lauren attempts the goofiest face ever while we listened to the steel drum/marimba music at the farmer's market this past weekend.

Aidan eats a chocolate chip cookie at American Dream. If you haven't tried one of their chocolate chip cookies, you must! YUM!


Bethany said...

I love the whole-peach-eating picture! Yesterday I nervously gave Violet a whole banana to have at. I guess we can't keep cutting stuff up into bite sized pieces forever.

My cousin recently turned me on to community supported farms and I'm looking for one in our area. I might have a few questions for you...

Kevin said...

A whole peach sound like an adventure (in messiness)! Yay! Megan enjoys a large chunk of pear. She's figured out how to scrape off pear "shavings" with her two razor sharp bottom teeth.

@Bethany - I'll ask my Austin friend about CSAs in the Austin area. She buys from one for sure. We subscribe here in Seattle and love it. It's good to know where your food is coming from and it's sooo much better when it comes from just the next town over...


Sherry said...

It doesnt matter how the pictures are configured they are great! Makes me hungry:)

I would still be chopping Kobi's food up if if werent for me walking in on my husband feeding him a whole chicken leg. Talk about heart attack! Men... or at least just mine!