Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Lucia, who is a great writer, cool person and a mom to two kids close in age to mine, tagged me--my first tagging experience! I am going to just follow the rules partially and respond but not tag others. Hopefully I won't be struck down by lightning or hit by a car because of it.

So, here are eight random facts about Amy:

1) I have been working for the same magazine for eight years. I started there as an intern (Ryan and I moved to Colorado for my internship in the summer of 1999), then got hired on as assistant editor, then associate editor, and finally editor. It is funny to me and most of my nearest and dearest that I have been doing basically the same job since I was 23.

2) Ryan and I have been together for more than nine years (married for six), and the only time we have taken a traditional vacation was when we'd been dating for two months. (We went to Mexico after he graduated from college.)

3) My parents were never married. They separated when I was 2 and remained good friends, even spending holidays together, until my dad's death last year. He even lived with my mom for the last 1 1/2 years of his life and passed away at her house.

4) Ryan and I unsuccesfully attempted in vitro fertilization at Stanford in 2002. When I first had to give myself shots with the fertility drugs, I literally couldn't do it. I sat there with a needle in my fist trying to work up the courage to jab it into my thigh, and my brain was saying "why would you jab a needle into your thigh?" and not letting my arm move. It was the strangest feeling!

5) I won a "Best in Class" award for poetry at the Santa Cruz County Fair when I was in sixth grade and a red ribbon (second place) for table setting.

6) I threw up on the plane to Taiwan when we were landing and had to use one of those barf bags for the first time ever. It was the smell of the "Chinese-style" breakfast--I still have the menu, it was "Stir-Fried Napa Cabbage with Dried Shrimp" and "Savory Porridge with Baby Seafood"--the man next to me was eating that finally did me in.

7) We kept our adoption paperwork in China (LID 8/1/06) while we made sure all went well with Lauren's adoption. I recently had to write a letter withdrawing the paperwork and it was way, way harder than I expected. I think two children is the right number for us, but still...

8) Growing up, we did not have a television until I was around 10 or so. Consequently, I don't get a lot of the TV references that people often make.

Thanks, Lucia! That was fun.


shelley said...

I am a nurse and went through IVF...I couldn't do the shots either...somewhat embarrassing given my profession. Thank you God I am not a diabetic.

Sarah said...

Your post on my blog made me laugh. No, *I'm* really enjoying *your* blog *more*! Lauren's so cute, you win hands-down! (giggle)

Lucia, Adam, Noah and Camille said...

Thanks for "playing"! I also grew up without tv and miss lots of those "cultural" references. My husband on the other hand watched way too much tv as a kid and has a large repetoire of tv theme songs which is wasted on me.

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Okay, I'm scared now! That part about the "smells" of Chinese breakfast! I have the least strong stomach in the world! I gave Abbey her shots!

Ann said...

There's so many ways I could go with this...first off I think it's time for another vacation. I am a TV fiend so I just can't comprehend that. I think it's grea that your parents remained friends...there's so much to say for that in our world...