Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Family Time

Despite the cold and rainy weather, we had a fun week in Wisconsin visiting my grandparents (and my aunt, uncle and cousins from Illinois and great aunt and uncle from Door County, all of whom came while we were there). Both kids traveled well, and Lauren was a huge hit (of course). She really took a shine to my grandpa and he held her several times--quite a feat, since she usually doesn't hold still! Aidan did so great on the flights--he spent most of them watching "Cars" on Ryan's laptop. That left Ryan and me free to turn our attention to Miss Crazypants and try to keep her entertained with snacks, the armrest, snacks, toys, more snacks...you get the idea. Enjoy the pictures.

Lauren loving up Papa on our first night in Wisconsin.
Aidan at Bond Falls in Michigan. My Uncle Kevin, Aunt Karen, cousins Quinn and Logan took us up there on Sunday and it was the nicest weather of the trip! We also drove through Watersmeet, home of the Nimrods (the high school mascot).

Aidan and Logan with our family's catch at a trout farm. I was the only one who did not a catch a fish in a pond stocked with trout...what can I say.
Great Auntie Nancy and Uncle Fred (who came up from Door County) with the kids.

Aidan and Great Grandma Audrey fishing in the cold. This lake is right in their back yard. Aidan loved to play on their dock and boat.


shelley said...

That looks like a great trip. Sorry about you not catching a fish...I'm not a good fisherman.

Anonymous said...

So, my big question is who ate the fish?? :) Love to see Lauren and Aidan loving on your Grandma and Grandpa- I'm sure it did their hearts good.


Lucia, Adam, Noah and Camille said...

Sounds like a fun family vacation. I am sure your family was thrilled to spend so much time with your little ones. Always makes me happy to see my kids falling right in with their cousins and older relatives.

R... said...

What a wonderful trip! Can I come along next time? ;-)

Joe and Jane said...

Thanks for your post on our blog! I followed your journey in Taiwan...Lauren is settling in like a champ!

Sherry said...

Miss Crazy Pants... havent heard that one but Im totally cracking up right now! Hehehe! Im glad you guys got away & isnt fishing over rated... after all you were just being nice & letting everyone catch a fish... & there were only 5 in the pond~ thats no Fish-Story. LOL!