Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two Binkies & New Look

Thanks to digital scrapboooker extraordinaire Sarah from Journey to Taiwan for Hannah Claire for the lovely new look for our blog! Sarah worked very hard to create a fun, colorful design that we love, and, through her Blogovers with Love project, accepts donations for her blog designs and uses the proceeds to support two orphanages in Taiwan. Isn't she awesome?

Since we're not "Waiting for Lauren Ling" any more (thank goodness!), I changed the title.

Here is a picture of Lauren (18 months now!) putting two binkies in her mouth. She loves making us laugh. More pictures to come soon!


Jessica said...

Lookin' good Lauren!! Love the new look- very cool!! Can't wait to see all of you!! xoxo

Joe and Jane said...

Too funny! Jia had a habit of trying to shove three in her mouth and hold one in each hand...such binkie love.

Adorable new blog look!

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Gosh, I hope she doesn't teach Reed that trick. Yesterday, he pretty much kept two stoppers within reach all day and changed them out constantly. It was pretty funner. She's so cute!

I-Chwen said...

Hi Lauren, Megan was very impressed by your two-binky trick! She tried it herself, but she prefers pulls-one-out-put-another-in-repeat trick. :-)

taiwanbaby said...

what a funny girl!!!! love your new blog look.