Friday, May 23, 2008

Bad Blogger

Hi friends and family! Where has the time gone? We have been busy and are looking at a few busy weeks ahead, too. I thought I'd make lists of what everyone is up to.


1) Has been playing ultimate Frisbee again! (He used to play in college.) He joined a city league through Parks and Rec. He is really enjoying it.
2) Is working very hard but not as much at night, which is nice for me.
3) Is planning to go to New York City this summer to see a Mets game with his cousin Matt, who lives in L.A.


1) I just submitted my application to become a Jazzercise instructor. Totally not something I ever thought I would do but I am very excited. I've actually been doing Jazzercise off and on since I was a sophomore in high school! My audition and test are August 8-10 in Portland.
2) As a result of this new endeavor, I dance around like I am in Footloose and whenever a song from Jazzercise comes on in a store or on the radio, I feel the need to do the routine.
3) I am about to turn 32!
4) I am going to Colorado for work in early June.


1) Turns 5 on June 1st!
2) Is TOTALLY, COMPLETELY into playing with his cars from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars. That is basically all he plays with right now. He is getting several new diecast cars for his birthday that have been missing from the collection (Darrell Cartrip, Charlie Checker, and some other more obscure characters for those in the Cars know).
3) Is starting to ask a lot how to spell words and what letter some words start with. It's a lot of fun.
4) Is enjoying having sleepovers at his grandma's house about once a week.


1) Is getting close to 2 (July 2nd)!
2) Is talking up an absolute storm. The latest thing that impressed me was: "Here you go. Sippy. All done."
3) Is quite the fiesty little character. She and Aidan both do this thing when they're mad where they make a hitting motion and say "uh, uh, uh." Aidan knows it's not OK to do but Lauren doesn't. She does it to us when we're having the nerve to try and put her in the carseat, etc.
4) Is my little partner in fruit eating and can eat more dried mangos than you could believe.

Lauren put on Aidan's shirt, bike helmet and underpants (both legs through one leg hole) by herself. She puts his shoes on a lot, too.

Aidan is almost 5!

Lauren wearing her baby in her sling made by Jessica; Aidan with the pigeon from "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" (an excellent book).
Lauren with our neighbor and special buddy Maryella. They are the cutest together. Lauren calls Maryella "Ella" and her sunglasses "eyes."


marina said...

Thank you for you comment on my blog! It means so much. We got the videos today - I'm trying to figure out how to post them.

Jessica said...

From one list queen to another- thanks for the update. Can't wait to see you! xo

Joe and Jane said...

Good for you for doing the jazzercize stuff! I joined a studio for a while and entertained a similar thought about one of their classes - kudos to you for acting on it!

I-Chwen said...

Amy if you're a bad blogger, I am a bad blog reader - just catch up here. Thanks for the updates - very informative!! My favorite picture is Lauren in sunglasses!