Monday, July 28, 2008

Da Vinci Days!

Da Vinci Days (a local celebration of art, science and technology with music, food, a parade, kinetic sculpture races and all kinds of things to do for kids) was last weekend, and, as usual, we had a blast. Ryan's parents, niece (age 12) and her friend (age 13) arrived Wednesday and stayed until Sunday morning. Jess and the girls arrived Friday afternoon and stayed until after dinner Sunday. We had a super-busy, action-packed time and a really fun visit with everyone. We weren't ready for anyone to leave when the time came!

The 5-year-olds watching the electric car race. Aidan and Hannah are so adorable together--they've been best buddies since they were 1 1/2. They sometimes have a brother-sister type of relationship (good and bad) but they seem to get along better every time we get together. We'll be heading to southern Oregon to visit them next month.

For Aidan, da Vinci Days equals ice cream days. He had a waffle cone all three days of the event.

Little angel Lauren. She wasn't feeling well the first night, but made a quick recovery.

Lauren and Daddy doing their crazy acrobatics in the park.
Kinetic sculpture parade on Saturday. This one is the Calistoga dragon--and it breathed fire!
Our beautiful niece Elise and Lauren at the Frisbee dog competition on Saturday. Elise has three younger brothers and is great with kids! She is really sweet and we enjoyed her company very much.
Aidan in the medical helicopter that landed in the field on Saturday.

Aidan and Lauren playing soccer in the children's village.

Aidan checks out a race car.

Aidan attempting to learn some Irish dancing moves. He was actually really good at it!


Joe and Jane said...

What a cool event!! I wish we had something like that around here!

Sarah said...

I love the photo of Aiden in the helicopter. The look in his eyes says, "Yup, this is cool, Mom."

dan and rachel said...

thanks for visiting our blog! you have a beautiful family and it's great to "meet" a fellow JOHer! :) da vinci days look like they were a major success!