Sunday, February 15, 2009

February Update

Busy, busy, is high time I updated the blog! (Sorry it's been so long, grandmas!) All is well here. We had a great weekend...yesterday we went to Eugene for the Asian Celebration. It was very fun, we met some nice people from Taiwan. We've all been dodging illnesses here and there, with some success...but so far, we've been much healthier than we were last winter. Hope you are all doing great!

First and foremost, drumroll...look at the big kid!

First thing this morning, regular smile:

And at bathtime tonight! His tooth was really bugging him while he ate yesterday and today, so before he ate lunch today he told Ryan it was ready to come out! It came out easily and he is back to chowing down without interruption.
And here is Miss Trouble. She has a little Band-Aid obsession going on.

We visited my mom today for lunch. It was a beautiful day! These are the baby chickens that will be providing us with eggs before we know it. (She is keeping them at her neighbor's house--it's already all perfectly set up for poultry.)

Planter Box Project

Working back in time...a couple of weeks ago, I ordered some planter boxes for our alley. They are great! They're made by an Oregon company from Oregon-grown wood (I'm a sucker for things like that). We set them up in a full-sun area in our alley to grow veggies in. I planted peas and spinach today!

1) Seven boxes of boards:

2) Unpack boards:

3) Start stacking boards, insert pins:

4) Pound in pins:

5) Almost done!

A series of photos taken by Aidan:

ATV Spider-Man by Aidan:

Lucky bamboo by Aidan:

Ryan by Aidan:

Amy by Aidan:

And finally, Lauren and Daddy in Grants Pass last month:


Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Wow...the first tooth! Noah is getting very antsy to start losing teeth. And Lauren's band aid obsession...Camille has the same thing! And chicks and new garden beds...I am very jealous! Glad to see you guys are doing so well.

Paul and Heather said... I was back in the earlier days of your blog this morning, and I can't believe how similar our stories are. Olivia was born in July, she was 2 and a hlaf months old at referral...we had a really quick hearing date, and have now been waiting 11 weeks for our first ruling. Olivia never smiles or does anything in her upate pics or video, and I am beside myself with worry for her well beng and development. Looking back at your posts and then how wonderfully Lauren is growing up, made me feel SO much better! Hope all is well.

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

Oh, I'm afraid I'll have to be jealous of your planter boxes! Those are gorgeously functional.

The one thing I dislike about our home is that it doesn't have a great full-sun area for gardening.

Thanks for stopping by my blog--I answered your waffle question but you may have more luck reading this post