Monday, July 27, 2009

Wisconsin trip part two: Madison to home

We spent a day and a half in Madison on our way home. I had driven through on the way up north but had never had a chance to check it out. We stayed at a hotel right by the Capitol, stumbled upon an art fair when we first arrived, rented bikes, checked out the university and Picnic Point, swam in the hotel pool, did some shopping...we really enjoyed it!

We stopped at Culvers in Stevens Point. The kids did not seem to notice they were eating frozen custard rather than ice cream.

The kids got new shirts at the art fair and then played at the Capitol.

A fountain by State Street--woo hoo!

Famous chairs on the Memorial Union terrace at the University of Wisconsin.

The lake was pretty but so very stinky. People were eating right by it and sunbathing--we think we may have been the only ones to notice. Aidan called it "stinkwater."

Aidan exploring during our picnic at Picnic Point.

Lauren having a mid-picnic nap in the rented bike trailer.

We were able to rent a tagalong for Aidan, too! Just like home...

And flying home. What a great trip! It was very fun to see the kids with so many family members, loving it up with everyone. They did great!


Jessica said...

What intrepid travelers you have! Congratulations on a great trip!

Anonymous said...

any more posts coming ?