Wednesday, September 09, 2009

First Grader!

Dropoff went well, we'll see how the report is at the end of the day!

I let Lauren take a picture the other day and I think the lens got smudged, hence the interesting effect below. Oh well.

In the classroom, settling in:
For comparison, here's the picture from the first day of kindergarten, last year:


dan and rachel said...

what a big boy!

i am loving all of your canning in the post below. the only thing i've ever canned is blueberry jam. we were supposed to have a bountiful garden this summer, but ended up with an "extreme and severe" drought instead. that's what it was technically called. so everything that we planted in our garden died. my husband calls it our "addams family garden".

R... said...

First Grade?? Really? I actually love the soft focus effect. It makes it seem a bit more emotional somehow. I do love the smiles!