Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Good News

We received word from our agency yesterday that our hearing happened on November 2nd (Lauren's 4-month birthday)! The hearing is the first step in the court process, in which the birthmother and social worker appear before the judge. Everything went fine, so now we wait for the next step, which is known as the first ruling. From looking at other adoptive parents' timelines, it seems the first ruling could happen anywhere from within a month to a couple of months. Ten days after the first ruling, the birthparents' rights are terminated and arrangements for travel can begin to be made. At the VERY least, we are still a couple of months away from being able to travel. I am hoping for February as an optimistic yet somewhat realistic estimate. It could still be longer than that, too.

Here is a picture of Sun Moon Lake, which is in Taichung County, where Lauren is.

Thank you for all of your good thoughts!

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