Thursday, November 09, 2006

November Update!

We got an update this evening on Lauren -- exactly four weeks since the last one. She is getting even more beautiful! Her last doctor's appointment was on 10/27, just shy of four months old. She was 13.2 pounds and 23.6 inches.

Unfortunately, we have not received any updates regarding our court proceedings. I did email our caseworker back after she sent the pictures asking when we might expect to hear something in that department; I'll post again when we have news. Please keep thinking good thoughts for us that we can get this little cutie home before too long!


Jessica said...

What a beautiful girl!! I LOVE the arched eyebrow in picture two. We check your blog all the time!! Love to all of you!
The Shrivers

Patrick said...

That last one is sooo cute!

The Bernharts said...

Oh, you guys! She is beautiful! It's great that you get to see her progess. I'm sure it doesn't make the waiting any easier though. What a great journey you guys are taking.
Thanks for sharing!
Tom, Carrie & Emma

Mary Pool said...

Wow, Amy! She is so precious and looks so serene in all of her pictures. We'll keep praying for things to go smooth and FAST so you can have your baby girl home and in your arms.

Anonymous said...

she's so cute!! i can't wait to meet her