Friday, February 09, 2007

And Now, How About Some Good News?

So, never mind the post below! I got a call from Tien at our adoption agency this morning, and we are officially Lauren's parents! Our final ruling was issued today. It looks like we will be leaving on March 1st, meeting Lauren on the 5th, and our AIT appointment (to get her passport and visa) will be on the 6th. We will be arriving in Taiwan on March 2nd, Lauren's eight-month birthday and our six-year wedding anniversary. Basically, we could not be any more excited and are ready to get going on travel plans, packing, etc.

Thank you so much to those who have supported us through this crazy process, especially Jessica, who has been emotionally on my side through every last detail...from a China adoption we began a year ago and orginally thought we'd complete this spring but actually would have taken years, to the decision to switch to our agency's brand-new Taiwan program. Everyone should have a friend who screams with excitement and bursts into happy tears when you call them with good news. Jessica is awesome.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We are just thrilled to be able to share this news with all of you!


Jessica said...

Some people underestimate the power of rubbing the lamp.

And you know how much I owe you- years and years of emotional support- past, present, future!


Jessica said...

ps Now we can change the name to: Official Blog of the Jessica Fan Club. ;)

Love ya!

Jennifer Farmer said...

Congratulations. What great news!!!! I am so happy for you guys. Lauren is lucky to have such great parents and a great older brother.

And by the way. Jessica Rocks!!!


shalene said...

i am so thrilled for you all! thank you for sharing this with us. it has been a joy to read the updates and i cannot wait to see more photos and hear stories about your growing family! love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! I can't wait to hear of your journey to Taiwan, meeting Lauren, and finally bringing her home.

Oh...and I'm a big Jessica fan as well, so I'll join the club. :)

Wishing you continued joy!!

Anonymous said...

This is such great news! We are so happy for you, Ryan, Aidan and Lauren. She really has been so blessed to be a member of such a wonderful family. We can't wait to meet her!!

We all count ourselves lucky to have Jessica as a friend!

Love, Tom, Carrie & Emma

Karen said...

Congratulations Amy, Ryan and Aidan...we can't wait to meet the lovely Lauren! Hope the travels go safely and the rest goes smoothly!

Julie Roberts said...

Hi Amy,

Karen forwarded me the great news! I've been keeping you and your family in my prayers. I will continue to do so as you travel and bring Lauren home. Her nursery looks so great!

Take care!
Julie Roberts :)
"your old pen pal" ha ha ha
Hertford, NC

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! How exciting! I am so glad that you will be able to bring Lauren home soon. I can't wait to hear all about your adventures when you travel. We can't wait to see more pictures too!


Anonymous said...

yippie yippie yay yay!


Lani said...

SO happy for you!! (and jealous!) ;) CONGRATS!!

Lani (JOH group)

Ellen said...

Wonderful!!!!!!!! How exciting for all of you. Praying for you for safe travels, and joyous days ahead!
And yup...another Jessica fan here too. =)

Ellen, Evan, and Charlotte

Jackie said...


Jackie Wu
Yahoo Taiwan Adoption Group