Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lauren's Room

Ryan and I have been hard at work on Lauren's little room. Her room, which is accessed through Aidan's room, used to have a tile floor and brown walls. It is just about ready now, complete with a crib filled with stuff we'll take with us on our trip. We are ready, Taiwan judge, whenever you want to go ahead and issue that final ruling!


Kevin said...

Well done! I love that you have all her clothes all lined up on hangars already and the changing table is ready to go. Clearly a positive attitude at work. :-)

Kevin - JOH group.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kevin--Amy, will you please come organize my room, and my office while you are at it!



Jessica said...

Only another neatnik can truly appreciate what you've done in there! ;)

I'm guessing the crib is full of the things your taking with you to Taiwan?

It looks so sweet... I'm sure Lauren will love walking there with you to get clean diapers and clothes. ;)