Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Brother & Sister

Just a quick post for now with pictures of some of the cuteness that's been going on around here in between the squabbles over toy cars. I'll post soon with pictures from Lauren's and my eventful girls' trip to California last weekend. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the fall.

Napping together (I can't believe how huge Aidan looks in this picture!)

Snacking together

Walking together

It only makes us a teensy bit nervous when Aidan helps her walk

Playing together!


Andy & Rebecca said...

Those pictures are the CUTEST!!!! What a sweet big brother, helping his little sis learn to walk!! I love it!! :)

Your children are just beautiful.

PAP, on FFC waitlist 9/11/07

Joe and Jane said...

What a sweet and proud big brother!

rhinetiffany said...

Wow Aiden does look big in comparison to Lauren - whew! So glad things are going well - you have a fabulous family!!! :)


I-Chwen said...

I noticed the napping together picture looked like they are napping in a big orange color heart (the stroller)!!! This is the best picture ever! They are too cute playing together - the grins on their faces tell it all!!!

Happy Fall!

R... said...

Oh, you have a couple of REALLY cute kids!! Love their little table, too!

Rob & Karin said...

Great pictures! They are both so cute, and even cuter together!

Sherry said...

Look at that napping picture... Aiden & Lauren are so darn cute! (Sorry it's been a while since I posted but I've been thinking about you guys!) Hope all is well & Kobi sends a hug:)

dim sum, bagels, and crawfish said...

Wow, they are both growing up! Love seeing the sibling shots. We are also dealing with issues related to sharing toy cars :)