Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tons of Fall Fun

Hey, look at all the new posts! Some pictures of the fall fun we've been having...

Decorating sugar cookies with our neighbors Megan and Madeline. Aidan and Madeline were really big fans of the sprinkles and piled their cookies high! (While snacking on icing and sprinkles...yum!)

On Sunday, we went with our friends Felice, Nick, Henry and Max to a fun local place that has a pumpkin patch, corn maze, sandboxes of dried corn to dig around in, and best of all, a moo train, which is a tractor that pulls a line of buckets painted to look like cows. It was a hit all around.

Aidan and Henry on the first round of the moo train.

Then we all went, after Lauren was gesturing wildly toward it.
Felice and cutie pie Max.

Aidan and Henry in the slide. They are so cute together!

Aidan, Lauren and Henry play in a plastic pool full of corn. Max was off digging in the bigger sandbox.

Lauren and me at the corn maze place. I have new bangs! They are looking a little sparse in this picture but you get the idea.

Max, Aidan and Lauren in the wagon after Max & Henry picked out their pumpkins.

We went to our CSA farm last Sunday with our lovely friends the Willards to get our pumpkins. Muddy but fun. I roasted all the seeds and Aidan LOVES them! (Big news for my cute little picky eater.)


Sherry said...

Look at that moo-train! Thats just to cute! Happy Halloween Guys!

Andy & Rebecca said...

Great pictures!! I love the moo-train... cookies look like fun too. I need to do that again with my girls. They love icing & sprinkles!!

Adorable kiddos... and I like the bangs!! They look good!!! :)