Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Still here!

Whew! Just downloaded some pictures from my camera and the last time I took pictures was a few on 11/12...bad Mama! It has been so busy around here. The February 2008 issue of the magazine I work for just shipped to the printer, and we hosted Thanksgiving, which although small took a lot of preparation. It was very fun, though!

So, I took several pictures today to try and redeem myself. I bought Lauren the outfit in the pictures below more than a year ago (5 months before she came home), and she wore it for the first time today. She is so petite, this outfit is supposed to be 10-24 months (big range) and it's still too big for her, but I wanted to get the maximum use out of it. :-)

Everyone is doing well. She is really starting to talk a lot (just repeating what we say, mostly, although she does say "hi" and "bye" and a few other things on her own) and amazes us with everything she does--she is very observant! Aidan is starting to write really well and is beginning to sound out words. It is so neat to watch. He starts soccer on Saturday...we tried it about a year ago and it didn't go so well, so we're hoping he'll enjoy it more this time. He turns 4 1/2 on Saturday. Lauren turns 17 months on Sunday.

On the home front, we're getting our two front rooms painted next week (you can see the color stripe on the wall in the last picture below) and we're also getting our landscaping done. They're supposed to start next week, also. That should be our last big project after a year and a half of big projects!


Anonymous said...

Yay- an update!! You guys rock!!!

The Shrivers

taiwanbaby said...

loving the update. we have the same foam letter mat. Cormac loves to tear it apart and then just crawl away from the destruction.

Rebecca said...

Oh, that has got to be a Hanna Andersson outfit!!!! We love Hannas!!!!! So cute.

I didn't realize how close your little Lauren was in age to my son Grant. He just turned 17 months today!

Adorable pictures - what sweet children you have.


dim sum, bagels, and crawfish said...

Love the Hanna playdress...wish we could get photos of Camille and Lauren in their Hannas together. Maybe in March. We are going to be in Portland for a week. I'll e-mail you with details as the dates get confirmed. Glad you are all doing well.

R... said...

Too cute not to take more pictures!! More! More! :-)

Sherry said...

New pics! Whoopie! You made my night:) Good luck with the painting & landscaping projects... when your done your house you can send those workers over to mine! LOL!

shelley said...

I wonder if you could e-mail me privately. I have a few questions to ask about adoption.


Thanks so much