Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Catching Up

Feeling lots better but still getting caught up on everything that I let slide when I was sick...I've also been super busy with work. My job got cut back by 1/3 starting this week, and the last few weeks of full-time work were a whirlwind. We are trying to get into a more budget-concious frame of mind after two years of the type of spending that comes along with buying a new (but really old) house. Consuming less is always a goal of ours anyway, from an environmental standpoint, so we're trying to look at this cutback as a blessing in disguise.

It has continued to be rainy and cool here in Oregon. My lettuce and peas seem to be doing well but some of our new plants that the landscapers put in are looking pretty unhappy. The forecast is calling for warmer weather this weekend--we're ready for some and are keeping our fingers crossed. Our farmers' market opens a week from Saturday and we're really excited about it; we opted against doing our CSA (community-supported agriculture) program this year due to financial constraints, but plan to drop some serious cash at the farmers' market each week. :-)

Lauren now has enough hair to pull off this look. I can't even stand the cuteness. This hairdo was definitely one of the things I was looking forward to about having a girl.

Aidan snuggling with Lauren in her crib:

And pulling her around at the garden center:
Hunting for eggs in PJs, rain boots and coats early on Easter morning:

Aidan was in hog heaven playing cars on Easter. Look how he lines them up:
Our family at dear friends Margaret, Dan, Lily and Chase's house on Easter (at least Ryan and I look happy). It was so much fun! There were lots of kids and the egg hunt was great. Both kids found lots!

Whenever I have a headband on, she likes to get in on the action:


Sarah said...

Now I want to wear a headband too...

Paul and Heather said...

Love the ponytail!!! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

MISS YOU GUYS! Enjoyed the updates! Love Lauren's ponytail & Aidan's cars :)


Joe and Jane said...

What fun pics! That egg hunt did look like it was early in the morning - it looked still dark out! Love the matching headbands.

Kevin said...

Megan can't quite get the monoponytail (aka "dairy queen do") yet. Looking cute!

I love the headband. I bet she's mimicking you more and more. Meg likes to wear a hat when ever I do.

Cheers - Kevin

Jackie said...

Those pics just kill me—too cute!! I love the girlie hair. And what a great big brother.


marina said...

I can't wait to do that hairdo! Too cute!

marina said...

I can't wait to do that hairdo! Too cute!

Cari said...

the hairband is awesome. girl hair is just more fun. barrettes, headbands, ponytails. loved them all until the screaming began because of having to comb out the hair. Enjoy while you can!!!!!