Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wild Weather Week

Last Saturday we rode our bikes to the park for a picnic and enjoyed temperatures in the high 70s. Today, we woke up to snow and drove to the first farmers' market of the season in a hailstorm. WACKY! The kids also dressed up for the annual Procession of the Species parade. (Luckily, the clouds parted a bit in time for the parade.) Lauren wore Aidan's peacock costume from his second Halloween, but accessorized with a tutu and ruby slippers. Aidan wore a way-too-small cheetah costume with pajamas underneath, and accessorized with his Superman cape and snow boots. Fashionable kids, these ones!

Last Saturday on the swings:

Yummy spring picnic: roasted asparagus, strawberries, pesto tortellini salad and chocolate mint brownies from Cooking Light magazine:

Today at the parade:

After relaxing at home this afternoon we went out grocery shopping and encountered another huge hailstorm on the way home. Here are some pictures taken in front of our house:

Peas, lettuce, and lavender, all covered with hail:


Joe and Jane said...

Love the name of the parade!! And the outfits are even better!! What fun!

I-Chwen said...

Isn't this weather wacky lately in the great NW!? We went to the beach last Saturday and was snowed in this weekend too! I love their customs - cute kids!!!

Jessica said...

Crazy crazy weather! Last Saturday it was 90 here!! And snow/hail yesterday. At least it seems like you're still in the same universe. ;)

And how WERE those brownies anyway??

R... said...

All of these pictures are awesome. Your family has so much fun!!

Your little garden is gorgeous even in the hail! I hope it makes it through!!

Yes, how WERE those brownies?? The menu sounds great!


Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

The brownies were so, so delicious. There were three layers: brownie, mint icing, then chocolate icing. Almost too sweet but not quite. :-)

Tish said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! You have beautiful kids!!! I love the photo of Lauren's ponytail on top of her head!!! I migt have to grow out Matthew's hair so we can try it too! I also saw that you made the mint brownies...I might have to get that recipe from you! I won't make homemade spaghetti sauce but dessert...that's anotehr story!

Cari said...

love how Lauren made that costume her own. What super species was Adian? Crazy weather!!!! haily lettuce, may be the best crop you've ever had. I enlarge my garden every year. We planted carrots for the first time this year. I've got my fingers crossed.