Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Old Friends

Our wonderful college friends Leslie and Sam, along with their two girls (Ella, 5, and Maren, 1 1/2) visited from California last weekend and we had so much fun with them. They were in town for a family reunion but we got to see them when they weren't occupied with family events. Sunday night, we all went out to a local winery to see a concert put on by Sam's uncle, blues guitarist Roy Rogers from San Francisco. Our friends Megan and Juan and their kids came too, and we all had a blast dancing and running around and enjoying the great music and cooler weather. (We had temperatures over 100 on Saturday and then probably a good 30 degrees cooler on Sunday!)

Ella and Aidan (their birthdays are one day apart) just loved each other. They are both energetic goofballs and just hit it off immediately. It had been a few years since they'd seen each other, and I am now feeling committed to try and get together with them here or there once a year at least! Maren is a sweetie and really liked both Ryan and me. She kept putting up her arms so we would pick her up and carry her around!

Aidan and Ella at the fountains downtown on Saturday.
Maren and me at the fountains.
Lauren takes a break from the fountains to show a dog her stuffed doggie.
Goofykins 1 and 2 at the concert Sunday night.

Blurry picture but I like it anyway...Lauren and Andrew are good buddies. He just turned 3 so he likes it that she is littler than him...he once told his mom that he wanted to be in charge of Lauren. :-)


R... said...

Oh my goodness! You guys have so much fun I get worn out just reading about it!! I totally want to do all of these fun things you've been doing - including teaching Island Boy to ride a bike without training wheels(!). (Ok, it's a little early for that. I know because he feet wouldn't reach the pedals yet! ;-)

Congrats on your Jazzercise audition!

Paul, Lydia, Maya and Anya said...

Hi Mayfield family - I got your post on our blog. It's great to see your Taiwan daughter up and running. I see she has a pacifier, just like our girl! Our Anya is only 9 months old, and weighs almost as much as Maya from China (age 2.5 today). Whew, we're tired!
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