Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last Day of Preschool & Watermelon Girl

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend and enjoying the last few weeks of summer. It has definitely been feeling more like fall here. It rained this afternoon and I made vegetable soup for dinner. I'm not feeling ready for the return of the rain yet!

Aidan's last day of preschool was Friday. We gave his teacher a jar of homemade granola (label and card by Aidan):

Here are two more pictures from the last day of preschool:

I think he is ready for kindergarten. We're talking about it daily and have purchased all of our required supplies. We have our parent-student interview with his teacher on Wednesday, and he goes to school with half the class on Friday. He starts his regular schedule on 9/9. I also teach my first Jazzercise class this Wednesday. Wish me luck!

We got Lauren's bangs trimmed today. Here she is, mid-watermelon feast:

And finally, here is a little video of our darling girl eating watermelon, talking and laughing. Enjoy!


Jessica said...

Love the new 'do! Doesn't she look like a big girl with those bangs! :) And that lalumelon looks delish. So great to see you- have fun at Kindgarten Aidan!

J, H, S, & S

I-Chwen said...

Lauren the watermelon girl is too precious - and is also very stylish in her new hairdo! Oh and I am very impressed by Aidan's hand writing!

Sarah said...

mmmm... love the lalumelon video. What a QT!

babybain said...

I love how she says watermelon!

Joe and Jane said...

What sweet photos and that video is adorable! Good luck on your first class too - how exciting!

Melissa said...

Cute video! I must say that as an elementary teacher I would adore getting a note and jar of homemade granola. What a sweet idea :)