Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kindergarten Kid

We now have two days of morning kindergarten under our belts! Check out the cuteness from his first official day, which was yesterday. The highlight of the whole thing, for Aidan, is taking the bus home. He gets to take a small bus with a few of the other kindergartners, and it drops him off right in front of our house. What a big kid!


Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Very exciting! Isn't Kindergarten fun?! My Noah is also having a good time in kindergarten...but he would be jealous if he knew Aidan gets to ride a bus to school!

Joe and Jane said...

Aidan looks so cute with his big backpack on! Glad he's enjoying the bus too!

As for your question on our blog, Garmisch is near Cable, which is close to Hayward. I think it a bit west of Eagle River. Pretty area though isn't it?