Saturday, October 18, 2008

Few Fall Pictures

Hi there! It's been another busy week with Ryan in San Diego for the Solar Power International conference (he got to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger and Wesley Clark speak).

Aidan and I made Halloween shirts using iron-on transfers; super fun and easy!

Miss Lauren has been taking tantrum throwing to new extremes lately. She is getting several teeth and seems to be struggling with her independence. She yells "right now" at us a lot, even in her sleep in the middle of the night..."Mama, RIGHT NOW!"

Anyway, here is one of her in a sweet mood, with Daddy:

And here is one mid-tantrum (I think this one was about me putting a stop to the snackfast that had been going on all afternoon):

Our friend Madeline came over on Thursday afternoon, and we all raked and swept leaves:

Then we made a huge leaf pile for all the kids to dive into:


Jessica said...

Looks like a regular Fall Fest up there! Cute shirts! Great update!


Joe and Jane said...

Oh, that face! I know that expression well at our house!

Very cute shirts (and professional looking at that!)

Karin and Rob said...

Awesome Halloween shirts -- how creative of you!!! That tantrum face is becoming very familiar around here too.

babybain said...

What a sad face! She would have me wrapped around her finger!

Kathy said...

Ditto to all... I see that face about twice a day. Most frequently when I explain that we do not feed all of our food to the dog. It REALLY hurts his feelings. I think tears from Asian eyes are more compelling... something about that double fold makes them stay in there longer, until they are so big it looks like an ocean running down their faces...`

Ditto on the shirts! I'm very impressed... can you buy the transfers at craft stores or what?


I-Chwen said...

You guys always have the coolest Halloween shirts! What a fun household, even Lauren's grumpy picture is cute!!

taiwanbaby said...

thank you for posting the not happy face. sometimes i feel like mine are the only ones to tantrum. how lovely that other children do also. love the leaf pile party.


Sarah said...

oh, what a face! you can even see the tears in her eyes. heehee.

Amy, Ryan, Aidan and Lauren said...

Thanks everyone! Yes, I bought the transfers for super cheap at Michael's. I am really not very crafty, it was an easy project--and I even had enough left over to make my own Halloween shirt (see above post). :-)