Friday, October 31, 2008

Hi, I'm Amy and I'll Be Your Instructor Today

Happy Halloween! Photos of the kids coming later. In the meantime, here I am ready to teach my class this morning. I was pretty excited to find this spider headband yesterday (at a garden supply store of all places, when I stopped to buy plant food and lawn winterizer!). The kids "helped" me do the iron-on transfers on an old shirt yesterday afternoon.

Aidan didn't have school Wednesday, Thursday or today this week (for fall conferences). He is usually at school when I leave to teach my class--he was not happy when I had to leave this morning and there was much clinging to my leg. He got to go out to breakfast with daddy, though, which I think resolved the issue.


Jessica said...

creepy mama! hope your halloween was happy!

Anonymous said...

Way too funny!! You go girl!! Love your (Aunt) Karen :)