Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween cuties

Didn't get any terrific pictures this year, but here you are...Darth Vader and the little skunk. They had a blast trick-or-treating with our friends Henry and Max. Aidan got a little anxious while we were out trick-or-treating, thinking of all the kids that might be coming by our house and not finding anyone there to give out candy. So, we went home and handed out candy for a while...then he decided to go out again, but this time wore his bat costume from last year (much more comfy than Darth and the big mask). He and I went out on our own the second time and had a lot of fun.

Max as Batman, Aidan as Darth Vader, Henry as a sailor and Lauren as a skunk!

Making their selections at Rich and Tani's house.

Lauren and Max check out our neighbors' row of pumpkins.

It was hard for Lauren to choose which candy she wanted at each house--she is pretty much a fan of everything!
Darth with his light saber.

Nice shot of Daddy and Lauren. She wanted to be carried most of the time...she wasn't too scared but just a bit timid about the whole thing, much more than Aidan was at her age.

And lastly, the drunk pumpkin. We also saw an Obama pumpkin and an apple carved like a pumpkin--very cool!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mayfields! Loved the pics!! I'll send you some of Q & L tomorrow. We love the Star Wars stuff!
Drunk Pumpkin was so funny. We carved pumpkins Halloween night & had fun.
Love KKQL!!!

babybain said...

Enjoyed the pictures!

taiwanbaby said...

loved the pictures. the batman costume does look much more comfortable!!!! what a sweet skunk.


dan and rachel said...

that pumpkin is hilarious!!!!

love the skunk costume! so darling! the kids are adorable!