Thursday, April 02, 2009

Aquarium, Buddies, Dancing

We took a trip to the aquarium on a very rainy and windy Saturday afternoon. It was super crowded because of spring break but we still had fun. Looking forward to going back when it's a little quieter. Here's Aidan and Bethie checking out the touch pool.

Different touch pool video:

We had Chase over during spring break.

And we had dinner with our new buddy Zoe, who's just two months younger than Lauren:

Paige, Lauren (behind Paige), Aidan and Zoe:

Lauren and Max, our friend who will be 4 tomorrow!

And finally, a dance party in the kitchen after dinner. I'll try to get video of Lauren singing "all the single ladies" (the only part of the song she seems to know). It is pretty adorable.


R... said...

The aquarium is one of my favorite things! love the pictures! Sounds like a perfect day!

Paul and Heather said...

cute pics! that quilt in the one picture...the cream colored one with the green leaves on it...I have that too. Target like 8 years ago. It is my favorite quilt of all time and I sleep with it all the time!!! We have so much in common :-)