Sunday, April 12, 2009

Outdoorsy Fun and Happy Easter

We've been getting out and doing some hiking lately...last weekend we went to the Woodpecker Loop at Finley Wildlife Refuge for a picnic with our good friends the Willards, and yesterday we went up to Chip Ross Park--great views!

We had a very fun Easter with baskets, a small egg hunt and breakfast at home, then lunch and another egg hunt at the home of some family friends, where we've gone for the last couple of years. The kids are now sleeping soundly after much candy and excitment--in fact, Aidan just fell out of his bed a minute ago (onto a hardwood floor) and did not wake up.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Four kids in a tree at Finley: Jonah, Lauren, Ally and Aidan.

Checking out the views at Chip Ross Park yesterday after a big climb.

Aidan finds the first clue to the Easter baskets this morning...
Then enjoys a pre-breakfast Reese's pb egg.
Some of Lauren's loot from the Easter bunny...
Egg hunt in our backyard.
Yes, Lauren is wearing Aidan's Spider-Man undies over her PJs.
On to lunch and the next egg hunt...Ready to go...


Joe and Jane said...

What a blast! How fun that you leave clues to get to the Easter baskets!

And I love that tree shot! Willa wanted to sit in a tree the other day and I put her up there for a while. When we had to go she threw the biggest tantrum I've seen! There is something about that tree-sitting!

kate prentiss said...


Amy! I just figured out that this was you left a comment on molly and my blog... and then I found this wonderful blog of your gorgeous family!

I am going to peruse it now, and see what is going on with you and look at all you beauties.

love + kisses!