Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Few More Favorite Recent Pictures

Big day today--Lauren's first doctor's appointment in the U.S. She weighs 16 1/2 pounds and seems pretty on target developmentally. She did great at the doctor's office. We ended up bringing Aidan along when he complained of ear pain this morning (he's been sick and out of school for a week), and it turns out he has an ear infection in one ear. Poor guy! He hasn't had an ear infection since he was a baby, it's nice that he can at least tell us what hurts now. He was really unhappy at the doctor's but perked up after we left and picked out a new toy at Fred Meyer.

Lauren got two shots today and was fussy this afternoon, but then started the usual laughing, blowing raspberries, head-shaking happy routine after a little dose of Tylenol. What a sweetie.

Ryan dressed Lauren the other day in a little dress, sweater and leg warmers!

I am having so much fun introducing Lauren to new foods. She isn't really eating the apple, just gumming it. She lunges after everything we're eating. All you "Big Lebowski" fans out there will appreciate our "The Dude Abides" sticker in the background!

Cutie in the high chair:

And two more photos that our friend and photographer Jim Hatfield took the weekend before last. I think these are amazing!


Sherry said...

Shots suck but she still looks to darn cute! What a little angel! Have fun experimenting with new foods & I love all the pictures...everyone of them!

taiwanbaby said...


she looks so beautiful and animated. I love her eyebrows. Glad things are falling into place.

Lucia, Adam, Noah and Camille said...

Lauren is looking so happy and healthy! Looks like we might be headed to Portland in the coming year for a would be fun to meet up! Glad to see all is going well in your first month home.

Kevin said...

That smile just keeps getting bigger and bigger. She looks like she's settling in for sure.

Thanks for sharing!


TaiwanMommy said...

That's the cutest little squirt! I just love her!

Say, are you on our Taiwan Group? I just added a join button on the blog..


Jeff and Abbey Land said...

Wow! She just gets prettier and prettier. Thanks for visiting our blog. Check back often so you don't miss what Flat Reed is doing.

I-Chwen said...

I can't get pass her big BIG smiles!! I think she saved them all for you (tried to hide them when her update pics were taken?).

She is such a joy! And I hope Aidan feels better soon!!