Monday, March 05, 2007

More from Lauren Day

Here are some more pictures from yesterday. We are doing pretty well. It is 2:40 on Tuesday afternoon now (I know the dates and times aren't showing up correctly on the blog). Lauren is so sweet and adorable. She WAY prefers Ryan, which I am getting used to. I think she was very, very attached to her foster mother and so doesn't like me as much because I am not her. Lauren will not be put down at ALL--we slept sitting up holding her. She slept OK but keeps taking short naps (her schedule said she sleeps from 3-6 in the afternoon!).

This morning we had our AIT (American Institute in Taiwan) appointment to get Lauren's passport and visa. It seemed to all go fine. Then we went shopping at the handicraft market and then to the CKS memorial. Now everyone is napping and I should go join them.

A few more details from yesterday: It took a very long time to drive to the agency from Taipei (more than three hours) because of traffic. The drive back was easy and it was just Mei-Ru, Lauren and me because Ryan and Aidan took the train back. We did not meet Lauren's birth mother, we were told the day before that she would come but when we got there, Samantha (the agency representative) said she wasn't coming. We were able to get two pictures of her. The foster mother was very sweet and answered all of my many questions. Lauren was dressed in one of the dresses we sent in our care package (over pajamas) and we got back all the things we had sent, including the two disposable cameras--can't wait to get them developed. She called Lauren "Ling Ling" as a nickname, which we love. Aidan is a bit grouchier about everything today but is still hanging in there. Last night he climbed on the couch where Ryan and Lauren were sitting and said, "Daddy, you are a sweet daddy" and "Lauren, you are a sweet baby" and gave everyone kisses!

In the car driving away from the foster family's house:

At the agency (all the adoptive families sign a wall):

Enjoying a rice cracker with Daddy back at the hotel:


Kevin said...

Wow... a rice cracker and daddy - what a sweet picture of Ryan and Lauren. Sounds like you have your hands full until she gets used to getting comfort from both you guys. Hang in there - it'll happen when she has time to get used to both of you.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Taiwan and have a good flight home.

Kevin & I-Chwen

Joe and Jane said...

We're also adopting from Taiwan and I wanted to say congrats! I also wanted to share that our daughter (who was in foster care in China) wanted absolutely nothing to do with me the entire time we were in China. And my husband couldn't put her down the entire time we were there as well. Once we were home, everything was better very quickly. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

HI- I've been reading the blog to the boys each night during their bath time. They have enjoyed hearing the story about their new cousin. Logan thought that "little Aidan" looked so big! The boys want me to read & re-read your words over & over again. They are very fascinated.

I love the picture of Ryan's face between the kids. So cute.

Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your journey so far across the world!


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Woohoo! Looks like a happy girl in daddy's lap with a rice cacker! Enjoy the rest of your Taipei experience, and let us know about some of your favorites.