Monday, March 12, 2007

Settling In

Just wanted to post a few more pictures and let everyone know that we are settling in well at home. After two sleepless nights and two very sleepy days for Aidan, he is almost back to his regular schedule. He is impressing us with how nice he is being with Lauren, and she is a very happy camper as long as she is being held. She seems to enjoy having a lot of people around and is very watchful--her big, beautiful eyes take everything in! Ryan and I are enjoying ourselves a lot and only worrying a little about how things will be once we actually have to accomplish things like work, etc. (Minor details!)

Checking out her new room:

She seems to already know that Bethie is a special person!:

Hanging out in my lap post-bottle:

Meeting her friend Chase last night:

Enjoying some rice cereal for the first time this morning:


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! She's so darn cute! Those eyes are taking in everything. Emma wants to know where we can get our own Lauren. Uh-oh!

Love, Carrie

Karen said...

Hi Amy! I've been thinking of you all! Lauren looks so comfortable with everyone! She definitely looks very happy to be at home!!
It was good to see Beth too. Not surprised Aidan is being a good big brother!
Anxious to talk to you, but wanted you to get settled first! Say hi to all!
Karen & boys

Jennifer Farmer said...

Wow, she looks so happy and healthy. She is a beautiful girl. I am glad to hear that your getting back to your regular sleep habits.

Hope to see you soon