Monday, March 05, 2007

Lauren Ling Day

Just have time for one picture for now; sorry! It is late (9:30) and Aidan just went to sleep. Lauren is amazing. She smiles and laughs but seems pretty scared and she screams if we put her down, even just to change her diaper. We just tried to put her down in her crib for 5 minutes and we won't be trying that again anytime soon! She loves Aidan and he did so wonderfully today, we are very proud of him. She doesn't have any teeth yet but is drooling all over the place and putting everything in her mouth. She isn't crawling and is very tiny--it's hard to tell how small she is from the pictures. I'll try and post more tomorrow. Happy 4th Birthday to Hannah in Oregon! Love to everyone.


Lani said...

She is so beautiful! Congrats to you all! I am checking your blog all the time and get so excited to see new posts!

Lani (JPH group)
Waiting for Ya-Hui

Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL girl and BEAUTIFUL mama. Yay!!!!

I can't write more now, I've got to go get the kleenex.

Give those kids some snuggles from us.

The Shrivers

Anonymous said...

Little girls are the softest, most huggable thing EVER! Your hand on her tummy conveys how little she is. So adorable. Give Lauren & her big brother hugs from us!

Karen said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I have chills seeing the picture of Amy holding Lauren!! I've been checking the blog all weekend for updates & saw the pic this morning!! I'm crying!! So happy for you all to finally be together!!Sending lots of love & prayer your way for a safe journey home!!! Love Karen, Kevin, Quinn & Logan!!!!

Monkhouse3 said...

Oh! what a lovely photo!
COngrats to you all.
She is just a doll.
Sally (JoH group)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Amy! I was thinking about you all night and all morning and couldn't wait to get online today to check your blog for pics and news. Congratulations! Emily is on my lap and agrees that Lauren is just precious. We hope the rest travels go really well for all of you, and hope to meet Lauren before too long.

Mary and Emily

taiwanbaby said...

How sweet is she!!!!! Our daughter didn't want to be put down ever either. We had sore arms for the first couple of months. So Happy for you. Hope your trip is going well.

Kathleen said...

You two girls are gorgeous! And you all look so happy. Be well and enjoy! Seina is was hard to get her back inside today because it was so warm and sunny.

love Kathleen Scott Hazel and Grace

Anonymous said...


i am so happy to see that picture! it makes me cry with happiness. sigh.... finally! i can't wait to meet her

love you

Anonymous said...

Hooray!! (I imagine you'll have no problem not putting her down!!)
It's so much fun reading your updates -- and the pictures are wonderful!
Take care -- (and enjoy!)

Sarah said...

Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing your special day with us!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Amy, Ryan, and big brother! Lauren is just beautiful and already looks so happy in your arms. I've got sniffles of joy for you here!
Wishing you so much happiness and safe travels.
Ellen, Evan, and Charlotte

Ann said...

congratualtions. She's gorgeous. And seriously she doesn't look tiny at all!!