Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pictures from Tuesday and Wednesday

Whew, what a whirlwind this has been! Here are a few more pictures. We leave tomorrow afternoon already. I had thought I would have more time to update this blog, but I can't type when holding Lauren and we are still doing constant holding. She is accepting me more and gave me a lot of smiles today, and took two naps on me. She really likes to have me sing to her and she makes a lot of cute noises. She is very busy when sitting still, and grabs at everything in her path. She is like a little tornado at the breakfast table.

Mei-Ru brought by Lauren's passport and her visa today. It is a relief that all of that went well. She will automatically become a US citizen when we land in San Francisco on Thursday afternoon.

We really love Taiwan and will be sad to leave. The people are wonderful and we've really enjoyed being here even though everything has been so hectic (and we are also so glad we brought Aidan). We are attracting a lot of attention out and about with Lauren, most people just stare at us but for the most part everyone is very friendly and nice. We met another very nice couple (with their 10-year-old son) at our hotel that just picked up their new daughter yesterday (they are not with our agency but also adopted from the foster care program). They live outside of Chicago, so maybe we can visit them next time we go see our family out there.

At the Chiang Kai-Shek memorial yesterday. The barrettes in Aidan's hair are his new style, he says "I'm a girl now." (He was playing with them with Grandma Bev.) The weather has really run the gamut while we've been here, the first day was broiling and yesterday it was rainy and cold. We took the kids out late last night to go to a night market (we put Lauren in a snowsuit per the local custom) and the doorman at the hotel was very worried that we were going out and told us how cold it was.

A quick meal on the go this morning. Grandma Bev watched Aidan while Ryan and I went out in a frantic attempt to buy some stuff to bring home. It has been hard to do all the things we wanted to do with both kids.

Here is the smile we were waiting to see (this picture is actually from Monday night). It was well worth the wait! She is so ridiculously cute!


Anonymous said...

You all are doing an admirable job of keeping the world informed while balancing both of those kidlets.

I am so glad that all continues to go well.


Sherry said...

Great pictures! Im so happy for you guys! Im sure the sleep issue will resolve its self & I am so impressed that you have time to keep us all updated during your trip! Its good seeing everyone with such big smiles & have a safe flight home. Seeing your pictures makes me want to go back:)

Anonymous said...

ps- Sarah just laughs and points when she sees Lauren's photos- especially the big smile! ;)

The Shrivers

Bethany said...

I finally was able to catch up on your blog. So happy for you all! What a sweet smile precious "Ling Ling" has!

Anonymous said...

Your posts just melt me ...
It's so exciting to be reading about the "real deal"!
Happy flight home!!

Alena said...

Hey.. my mom sent me the link to your blog and I really enjoyed reading through and looking at the pictures. Lauren is so adorable!! (Of course, Aidan is adorable, too, I especially love the barrettes!)

I just wanted to tell you guys how happy for you I am, and very glad that everything seems to have gone smoothly with the adoption. Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Amy, say hi to your mom for me. :)

Rob & Karin said...

Congratulations! Glad your trip has gone well and that Aidan was able to go along to meet his baby sister. We enjoyed following your experience in Taiwan and have been very emotional reading your blog as we anticipate our trip to meet our baby. We wish you a safe trip home and all the best as a new family of 4!
Karin and Rob

I-Chwen said...

A smile, we got a smile from her!! So precious!!!! We are so happy for you... Have a good flight back and congratulations again!!!

Sarah said...

I think "Ling Ling" looks like a little cupie doll in the photo of her up in the air! How cute!

Kathryn said...

Such a cute smile. It certainly was worth the wait! Your trip is so fast compared to some.

taiwanbaby said...

What a heart melting smile!!!! What a beauty. worth waiting for!!! Your doing great.